Table of Contents

Section 1: Unyielding Inequality

Weak job market for the lower middle class

Additional costs weigh on the middle class

GDP growth keeps going to the rich

Future tech will make it worse

Section 2: The Government Seems Stuck (Regulations and taxation upset the economy)

No, borrowing can’t bankroll it all

No, taxing high incomes isn’t the panacea

No, a new wealth tax won’t fund it all

No, the government can’t force corporations to reduce inequalities (only a bit)

No, free stuff is not a solution

No, a negative tax for low-income workers can’t reach the sky

Section 3: Inequality Is Polarizing Politics

Surge of the far left

Rise of the reactionary right

Section 4: Macroeconomics, not Politics

Could a parallel (green) economy reduce inequality?

Monetary tricks did unlock politics more than once!